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A.Mishio Kushi (Face Reading)

The Mishio Kushi Theory contends that a weakness or toxicity in a certain organ or gland can cause acne on certain areas of the body.

While most natural practitioners know that topical treatments for acne is only short term, some people get results from chickweed , while others might see improvement with BP-X or when they balance their hormones. The question is, with is the root cause of the acne.

A lot of women break out with pimples on their chin just before their menses, which would indicate a dysfunction in the female reproduction organs. Acne is often thought of as a normal part of adolescence, is not true, acne is merely a symptom that is accentuated by the rapid growth and change within an adolescent's body.

Toxins often cleanse through the skin, when the other eliminating systems are sluggish; hormonal imbalances over stimulate the oil glands and impurities in the blood will often affect the skin. These impurities can clog pores, acne is the body's reaction to those clogged pores.

The Mishio Kushi theory although is not a science, can be helpful when trying to pinpoint a reason why one has acne, which would enable you to treat the cause instead of the symptom.

Behind Ears-Toxic Mastoid

See above picture for indications:

1.The forehead- Intestine- toxic - Cascara Sagrada and Psyllium.

2. Above eyebrows -Liver - toxic - Liver Cleanse Formula, flush(caution), Blood Stimulator TCM or Enviro-Detox.

 3. Between eyes -Spleen- Uva ursi, I-X.

4. Bridge of nose - Male reproductive - Sarsaparilla or Saw Palmetto.

5. Cheeks -Lungs - toxic - ALJ or Chinese Lung Support

6. Tip of nose or on ears - Heart - Gingko and Hawthorn and Vitamin E.

7. Creases at base of nostrils - Brain - Gotu Kola or L-Glutamine.

8. Upper lip -Stomach - Food Enzymes, Proactzyme and Slippery Elm.

9. Lower lip -Intestine- see #1

10. Corners of mouth - Fallopian tubes - Vitamin A, D and E

11. Chin -Uterus/Ovaries - Female Comfort or FCS II with Lobelia

12. Jaw line - Female reproductive - NF-X

13. Chest-Lungs - See #5

14.Back -Intestine  - See #1

We need to listen and observe our bodies, if you're having symptoms and the doctor tells you it's nothing and you feel that there is, don't listen to him.  Seek help elsewhere.

There are many more outward and inward reflections of your body's health.  The following is just to give you a sample of what your body does to get your attention.  This information is to help encourage you when there is a contradiction (If the doctor says there is nothing wrong and you don't agree), on the other hand, if your doctor has found something and there is no physical sign for it, listen to the doctor.)

Other Indications see above picture

1. Oily T-zone- Caused by dietary oils including milk products.  If the body is overtaxed with fats it try's to eliminate the fat through the largest eliminating organ of the body: the skin.  It may also indicate the possibility of cholesterol build up in arteries.  Possible changes include:  Cut out milk products use non saturated fats to cook in such as coconut or grapeseed oil. 

Herbally:  Chickweed.

2. Enlarged Pores -Long term consumption of white sugar products.  If it's overloading the skin, chances are the pancreas  could also be overloaded.  Possible changes-cut out white refined sugar. 

Herbally you may want to take Chromium GFT,  a symptom of deficiency is craving sweets.

3. Pallid complexion (pale and ashen)- Mineral and nutrient deficient, especially iron and chlorophyll.  Mineral deficiency symptoms also described as "not feeling sick, just not feeling well".  Anywhere from 21 to 78 minerals are needed.  Possible changes - Eat more naturally and organically. 

Herbally:  Ionic Minerals with Acai and Mineral-Chi Tonic.

4. Deep creases in ear lobe - signs of heart problems.  Possible changes - check cholesterol and nourish heart. 

Herbally: Gingko and Hawthorn, Mega-Chel, Vitamin E and minerals.

5. Crows feet- Excessive intake of tannic acid Coffee, Tea and Soda)  Tannic acid (increases uric acid) also robs the joints of natural sodium contributing to arthritis and gout.  It also destroys the lining of the stomach.  Possible changes - Cut out coffee, tea and soda (possibly you will never get rid of arthritis if you continue drinking them).  Eat more celery and goat's whey.

Herbally:  Joint Health, Ayurvedic and Una de Gato.

6. White exposed below iris- eating dead foods (it is said only live foods can truly nourish the body.)  Possible changes - Eat as much raw vegetables and fruits as possible (including the seeds!).  Cooking kills many of the enzymes in these foods.  As a rule, the longer the food will last on the shelf, the less it has to offer nutritionally. 

Herbally: Herbs are food, drying takes out less value than cooking (30% opposed to 65%).

7. Bags beneath eyes- lack of rest, kidney problems or kidneys needing flushed out.  Again the uric acid could encourage arthritis and gout.  Possible changes - Drink plenty of "good" water.  Cut out all coffee, tea, soda(any carbonated drinks and artificially colored drinks.

Herbally: Urinary Maintenance, KB-C TCM Concentrate, Kidney Activator  and Hydrangea.

8. Frown and smile lines - Improper assimilation of fatty acids.  Possible changes - cut down on bad fats.  Good

sources of fat hemp oil, flax seed oil, coconut oil, evening primrose oil, butter, eggs, Nature's Sunshine Super Omega 3 and Krill Oil. (all oils should be taken with a protein (such as raw nuts and seeds, eggs, and meat) so the liver can digest it.

Herbally: PDA and Chickweed.  Proper food combining.

9. Swollen upper eye lids -improper ratios of potassium and sodium, which can also cause gallstones, kidney stones and high blood pressure.  Possible changes - Water pills drain potassium out of the body (work with your doctor to wean you off). CAUTION:Too much of the isolated mineral potassium supplement can adversely effect the heart.  Do not take without guidance from a competent health practitioner.  Try first to get the potassium from your foods such as: Parsley (my favorite), Bananas, Raisins, Apricots Oranges and Baked potatoes (with skins).

10. Lines on neck- Sometimes indicates improper assimilation of fatty acids, but usually mean thyroid problems.  Possible changes - add kelp to food instead of salt. 

Herbally: Thyroid Activator, Target TS II Formula, or if just slight Kelp. (If it's the thyroid the pH needs to be between 6.3-6.6 in-order to absorb the iodine, otherwise you are wasting your money)

11. Dark Circles under the eyes (called liver shiners) - a lack of rest  but (if it's always there) then look to the liver.  The liver may be toxic and needs flushing or it may be weak (caster oil packs or vitamin A).  Dark circles can also indicate allergies, usually stemming from the liver.  The most common allergies are wheat and dairy.  Most allergies are caused by not enough toxins being expelled from the body.  First look at liver, then bowel, then kidney, then respiratory, then skin.  Possible changes - Eat a high fiber diet.  Avoid all unnecessary chemicals. 

Herbally: Cascara Sagrada, Liver Cleanse Formula (good) for liver and bowel.  Urinary Maintenance and Kidney Activator for kidney.  Chinese Lung Support, Sinus Support or ALJ for respiratory.  For skin, dry brushing, plastic pot scrubber or loofah and ginger bath.

12. Pale lips -anemia (not ingesting, digesting or absorbing iron).  Iron filled foods are raisins, cream of wheat and dandelion.  Iron should always be taken with Vitamin C. Possible changes - avoid milk it binds iron.  B12 is also needed for iron utilization. 

Herbally:  I-X and Vitamin C.

13. Mousy hair- Poor over all health.  Lacking minerals especially silicon.  Possible changes - Eat better meals, more raw veggies and fresh fruits. (sometimes accompanies eating disorders). 

Herbally: HSN-W and Ionic Minerals

14. Thin Hair - Thyroid or lack of silica

15. Psoriasis- usually liver involvement. (see liver/gallbladder flush).   Beta-carotene (if liver is not weak just toxic). 

Herbally: used for liver are Chinese Liver Balance, Liver Cleanse Formula and LIV-J.

16. Acne- Usually toxic bowels, hormone imbalance, too fatty diet, and impurities in the blood.  For bowels see #11.

17. Hormones imbalances- check out liver, and look towards gonadals such as black cohosh for estrogen, wild yam for progesterone and saw palmetto or sarsasparilla for testosterone.  For cleansing liver BP-X or Liver Cleanse Formula.

18. Moles - Symptom of liver. Often a sign of a genetic weakness on the liver. See liver symptoms.

19.Skin Tags - Liver weakness.

20. Hairy Eye brows - Ancestors were heavy meat eaters.

21. Enlarged Upper lip - Weakness in stomach.

22. Enlarged Lower lip - Weakness in Intestine.

Contact a competent health practitioner to find out what herbs or supplements are right for you.

From now on when you look in the mirror notice the changes and take heed to what your body is trying to tell you.

Remember that the quality of the herbs you use is essential if you want to receive good results.